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Rebecca Ogburn

Personal and Performance Coach and Trainer



What is a Coach?


Simply put, a coach helps people define their personal or professional goals and support them through a process of development to achieve those goals quicker than if they were on their own. LEARN MORE ABOUT REBECCA'S COACHING ETHOS


RSO Coaching can deliver the following initiatives to your business:


About RSO Coaching


Rebecca Ogburn | Career and Personal Performance Coaching

I’m Rebecca I am a qualified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Senior Human Resources Professional and I have a reputation for developing people so they can achieve their full potential.

With 23 years’ experience in Human Resources and as a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development I would like to offer my professional experience to you.

As a qualified coach, I focus on professional career and leadership development, personal and professional overwhelm, team development and tailored individual coaching support. I work with Executives, Managers and Employees to ensure they are the best they can be.

I am experienced in partnering with Senior Management and Directors to establish strategic and personal goals. I also have a proven track record for facilitation between manager and employee with supportive communication and problem solving skills. I have many successes at dealing with employee issues at all levels.

Coaching style

I am thrilled when people get what they want out of life. I love seeing my clients’ faces once they have a breakthrough and everything suddenly becomes clear. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped someone become unstuck or have helped them clear the path to move towards their goal. This is why I’m so passionate about coaching.

I pride myself on delivering coaching sessions that are professional, friendly and goal focused. CLIENTS TELL ME that I provide a supportive coaching environment allowing my clients to use their sessions to explore options that otherwise may not have been considered in our busy lives.


• Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
• Personal Performance Coaching Diploma – The Coaching Academy
• Stress & Confidence Coaching
• Certificate in Personal Coaching
• NLP Practitioner

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"Success in business is all about people,
whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage."

– Richard Branson





I am thrilled when people get what they want out of life. I love seeing my clients’ faces once they have a breakthrough and everything suddenly becomes clear. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped someone become unstuck or have helped them clear the path to move towards their goal. This is why I’m so passionate about coaching.

I pride myself on delivering Life and Professional development coaching sessions that are personal, friendly and goal focused. Clients tell me that I provide a supportive coaching environment allowing them to use their sessions to explore options that otherwise may not have been considered in their busy lives.

I am able to build rapport easily with clients enabling them to feel at ease and allowing them to create the clarity and focus they are looking for in order to move forward in their personal or professional goals. I am qualified via The Coaching Academy and maintain my Continuous Professional Development by attending regular coaching seminars.

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"I would highly recommend coaching with Rebecca. I found the whole experience extremely positive. She has a very professional and gentle manner and always listened without judgement."
– Personal Coaching Client



Human Resources


With 23 years' experience in HR and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development I am able to offer your business the following professional services:

• Appraisal process and follow up Performance Improvement Plans
Supporting you through a performance based appraisal process focusing on behaviours and competencies.

• HR Policies & Procedures
Whether it’s handbook creation or a review of your maternity policy I am able to offer guidance and support for implementing new processes

• Employee Relations
Looking at the legal and practical process for handling disciplinaries and grievances

• Mentoring and Coaching
Looking at how you can support the development of your employees

• Work life balance programmes
Reviewing business options to ensure your employees are healthy and engaged in their role with your company.



  • Rebecca has helped me regain my professional confidence and focus on the future...I am actively managing my development and progression which is so exciting. If you feel stuck or even if you want to maintain momentum in your career, I would recommend Rebecca as the coach to work with.  She has made such a difference to me. She understood my situation and built up rapport quickly and easily.  Her professional expertise brings with it a flexible and tailored approach no matter what your goals are.
    Sarah H - Personal Coaching Client
  • I approached Rebecca at a very low point in my career where I felt unable to actively manage my development and wasn't making the progress that I wanted.

    I worked with Rebecca over the course of 2018 and I am in a completely different place.  She took the time to understand my situation and my personality and is hugely perceptive and encouraging.  I am much wiser now in terms of how to manage my development, recognising what I need from my working life and areas I need to focus on - an example is being proactive with conversations at work about my development with senior members of staff who can, and now do, support me.

    Regardless of what stage you are at with your career, or what you want to achieve Rebecca works with you to reach the conclusions and action points that you need to move forward.  I can't explain what a difference working with her has made to me and I have now gained a developmental role working directly with my CEO.  

    Think about what you need, and arrange a call with Rebecca to discuss it will be one of the best things you start in 2020.
    Sarah T - Personal Coaching Client
  • When I first contacted Rebecca, I was feeling really low. The job I loved had changed beyond all recognition which had huge implications for my confidence and feelings of self-worth. I was struggling to function at home as well as I felt so trapped and unhappy in my work situation. After only 2 sessions with Rebecca (one initial consultation on the phone and one face-to-face meeting) I started to feel stronger as she helped me identify ways to change the negative messages I was telling myself into positive ones. Rebecca’s friendly, non-judgemental approach made me see that I did have other options and to identify my priorities going forward. We had 6 sessions and by the end of the experience I had been offered a job elsewhere with a pay rise and a promotion! I couldn’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. She’s like your best friend but she doesn’t just listen, she come equipped with all the answers!
    Liz - Personal Coaching Client
  • Although this is still early days I have already seen significant improvements in both my employees.  Employee “A” is already showing improvements in the way she approaches her work and the people around her.  She has also begun looking at where she wants to go in her career within the Company and is pursuing further information and education. Employee “B” has also shown significant improvements in her business awareness. Instead of the underlying frustration and lack of control she felt previously she now seems to have a greater understanding of where she wants to go in her career and how to achieve it. This is cascading down to make her more focused in her day to day work activities.  Both employees have said that the coaching is proving to be invaluable to them – Thank you!
    Sarah P, Senior Project Manager, Manager Sponsored Coaching
  • Taking on an additional team could have been a very frustrating time for me. Trying to equip myself with what I saw as the necessary skills and information needed looked like a huge task, and one that I didn’t have long to do if I was to succeed in my new roles. Your coaching has helped focus me and shown me that the answers are all there you just need to ask the right questions of yourself. This is a skill you have now passed on to me. I have found the coaching, you and this new found skill invaluably supportive at a time when it was needed.

    Mark T, Test Engineering Manager
  • My coaching sessions with Rebecca helped me create a structured plan for defining my business goals and an action plan for the next 6 months.  Her friendly, warm and enthusiastic approach had a very important impact in helping me achieve my goals not only from a business perspective but also in finding a healthy work / life balance.
    Craig A, Business Owner
  • Firstly I want to thank Rebecca for the coaching support I have been receiving.  Taking on my new Director level role, which involved a number of significant changes particularly in terms of scope and accountability, has been quite overwhelming. Training alone cannot prepare anyone when faced with such a step increase in responsibilities and scope. Coaching has helped me in these early days to keep some of the challenges in perspective, to enable alternative views to be brought into focus and to enable me to better break the chunks of work up. Additionally your coaching has helped me to understand I am not alone in the challenges I face and to better understand where and how to move forward including managing upwards as well as outwards. I look forward to more coaching sessions to help me through the next stage of my career and I appreciate the support framework you have provided.
    Paul T, Engineering Director
  • Having Rebecca listen impartially has really helped me to work through some difficult life situations and she gave me the encouragement to seek further help. She gave me the support and guidance to look at myself and as a consequence my relationship with my husband and child and this has really strengthened. I can’t thank her enough. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Rebecca to my friends and family.
    Personal Coaching Client

For a complementary 30 minute coaching conversation, and to understand how I can support you with your goals, please contact me using the form below:

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