5 quick ways to build self confidence

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In the busy world we live in having personal resilience is extremely important.  One way to ensure you are the most resilient and positive person you can be is to establish these behaviours in your daily routine.


  1. Believe in yourself – trust yourself and your own views and opinions.  Sometimes you can be tested in this area and it can be difficult especially if you have a tendency to listen to others.
    Take time to ask yourself: Who am I? What am I? and How am I?
  2. Like yourself – If there is something you do not like about yourself then do something positive about it, you’re in control!.  Don’t compare yourself to others this is dangerous.  Comparison is the quickest form of attack on yourself.  If you’re going to compare yourself or your life do it against others who are less fortunate than you and focus on the positives your hold.
  3. Listen to yourself – Tell yourself only positive things!  Tell yourself that you are confident and keep repeating that.  Focus on your strengths, your skills and your resources and look to develop areas where you strive to be better.  Be kind to yourself and be ensure you do things that nourish you and increase your energy and confidence instead of depleting you of energy.
  4. Develop good posture – People tell a story every day to others.  People with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements can be perceived as lacking self confidence.  By practising good posture you’ll automatically feel more confident.  Stand up tall, good eye contact and head up will make others think that what you’ve got to say is important and worth listening to.  In turn you will feel more empowered and will create a belief system of self worth.
  5. Self talk – Sometimes when we are feeling low we can be introspective and tell ourselves negative things.  Our self chatter (the internal dialogue that we have every day) can drain our energy.  Listen to your thoughts and what it is saying, be conscious of negative thoughts and focus on banishing that thought or turning it into a positive affirmation e.g. I couldn’t possibly get that promotion to if I spent some time developing some key skills I would be ready to ask for that promotion in 3 months time.

In summary, be clear on who you are, what and how you are.  Either be happy and content with the answer or make positive steps to change. Work on your self esteem and confidence and ensure your personal value and sense of self worth is the best it could possibly be.  Remember YOU are your most valuable asset.

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