RSO coaching success stories


A selection of feedback and reviews from clients.

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…helps to keep the challenges in perspective

Firstly I want to thank Rebecca for the coaching support I have been receiving.  Taking on my new Director level role, which involved a number of significant changes particularly in terms of scope and accountability, has been quite overwhelming.

Training alone cannot prepare anyone when faced with such a step increase in responsibilities and scope. Coaching has helped me in these early days to keep some of the challenges in perspective, to enable alternative views to be brought into focus and to enable me to better break the chunks of work up. Additionally your coaching has helped me to understand I am not alone in the challenges I face and to better understand where and how to move forward including managing upwards as well as outwards.

I look forward to more coaching sessions to help me through the next stage of my career and I appreciate the support framework you have provided.

Paul T, Engineering Director


…a very important impact

My coaching sessions with Rebecca helped me create a structured plan for defining my business goals and an action plan for the next 6 months.  Her friendly, warm and enthusiastic approach had a very important impact in helping me achieve my goals not only from a business perspective but also in finding a healthy work / life balance.

Craig A, Business owner

…invaluably supportive

Taking on an additional team could have been a very frustrating time for me. Trying to equip myself with what I saw as the necessary skills and information needed looked like a huge task, and one that I didn’t have long to do if I was to succeed in my new roles. Your coaching has helped focus me and shown me that the answers are all there you just need to ask the right questions of yourself. This is a skill you have now passed on to me. I have found the coaching, you and this new found skill invaluably supportive at a time when it was needed.

Mark T, Test Engineering Manager

…significant improvements

Although this is still early days I have already seen significant improvements in both my employees.  Employee “A” is already showing improvements in the way she approaches her work and the people around her.  She has also begun looking at where she wants to go in her career within the Company and is pursuing further information and education.

Employee “B” has also shown significant improvements in her business awareness. Instead of the underlying frustration and lack of control she felt previously she now seems to have a greater understanding of where she wants to go in her career and how to achieve it. This is cascading down to make her more focused in her day to day work activities.  Both employees have said that the coaching is proving to be invaluable to them – Thank you!

Sarah P, Senior Project Manager, Manager sponsored coaching