The inspiration of others


Earlier this year I witnessed my 18 year old niece experience a set of life changing circumstances.  This event, and the difficult few months following, has inspired me to write this blog.

My niece collapsed completely out of the blue in January and after several days of tests she left the consultants in Southampton General Hospital scratching their heads as to the cause of her illness.

My brave and determined niece spent the next 8 weeks in this hospital fighting the unknown virus and having to deal with an extremely challenging situation.  During this time her family and friends rallied around giving the emotional support and strength she needed.  As her Auntie, we have a lovely relationship however I found myself watching from a different level.  I witnessed how she inspired others from her bedside and gave strength to her loved ones who could only watch and pray for her recovery.

As she started to comprehend what the consultants were telling her she began to set herself small goals to focus on.  The first was to regain enough strength to sit up by her birthday which she smashed 3 weeks before!  She then set herself another goal with my husband to achieve by his birthday.  These milestones kept her focused and gave her something to visualise achieving which propelled her forward.

She is an incredible young lady who has brought laughter to the wards and beds around her, provided inspiration to others and pushed herself to get into a position where she could leave the General hospital and go to a specialist unit to continue her rehabilitation.  She has already been through so much in the past 14 weeks but continues to fight her daily battles to reach her ultimate goal of returning home and living her life to the fullest again.  She has remained hugely positive and is a person who was never going to let this condition define her.

Inspiration is everywhere, from the dedicated nursing team and the physio’s no nonsense approach in getting my niece to smash through her exercise sessions, to the elderly volunteers that just want to give something back to those who need some extra support in challenging times.

It has been a collaboration of medical professionals and a strong personal support system to get my niece to where she is today, and although there is some way to go for a full recovery, there has been one person battling on hour by hour and she really is my true inspiration. x

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