Time to get the balance right?

work life balanceGetting everything in balance is never easy, I’ve had a busy few weeks catching up with existing clients and meeting potential new ones.  I’ve recently gained a new qualification in Education and Training whilst juggling a busy family and a jet setting husband oh and also project managing a new kitchen installation! Phew it’s been full on!  Suddenly one of my children catches a particuarly nasty flu virus and suddenly I have to slow down and stop.

I have had some time to think whilst nursing my daughter and it occurred to me that although setting up a new business has been exciting, challenging and overwhelming at times I actually have my life in a fairly good balance.

After being employed in a global technology company for a 18 years, and in the past 9 years juggling my career and family as equal priorities, I was feeling the guilt of meeting my employers expectations versus balancing the pressures of being a perfect mum and wife.  It suddenly occurred to me I don’t miss that feeling at all!

I’m currently writing this whilst sat on the end of my daughters bed while she drifts off to sleep.  She wanted me there and I’m lucky that this new business opportunity has allowed me to have the flexibility I need to manage a career that I am passionate about, support my family and value a little ‘me’ time.

I’ve learnt that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise, it took me a long time to realise this and being perfect in all aspects of my life is not effective or productive.  I am now a recovering perfectionist and now my goal is to be more relaxed and embrace new challenges and give them my best shot and not to expect perfection!!

Coaching has taught me to be realistic in my goals and expectations, ensure they are true to my core values and understand the challenges that I may face along the way. With this in mind I have been able to help others move forward in their life with a more positive outlook in their work life balance.

If you would like to find out how to create a better balance in your busy life with realistic goals, and have tools to use to support you in your progress contact me for a free 30 minute coaching conversation info@rso-coaching.co.uk